So it seems like our run of beautiful autumn weather has ended and the rain has arrived with a vengeance! We will still try to get outside as much as possible but some days are just too wet and it would miserable for the children so instead we have lots of fun indoors.

To make sure we all stay active we often do ‘music and movement’, which is great fun for the staff as well as the children.

We sing songs and do the actions to songs, we dance and move around the room.

Our music and movement sessions are not only lots of fun but they also help develop gross motor skills, such as balance, co-ordination, strength, and spatial and body awareness.

Music and singing is also great for supporting children’s emotional and social development. It aids memory and enhances vocabulary and learning. Of course the children are all far too busy enjoying themselves to realise any of this but we understand the benefits.

Please remember to keep sending your children with their wellies and an appropriate coat as we will venture outside when we can, as well as continuing our regular music and movement sessions.